Yoga and its principles reflect everywhere in nature. Practicing with Spa Holis in Manuel Antonio is an intimate exchange where Mother Nature serves as our guide.



Pilates is simply the most effective way to exercise. Build powerful core stability and strength with maximized results for rehabilitation and performance.



Bring us your body and we’ll give you back your body. Offering a range of treatments that will leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated and alive.


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Holistic Therapy

Our holistic therapies offer a deeper level of treatment. By helping to balance and integrate your body, mind and spirit, these therapies can bring about a profound shift in your state of health. To better understand what Holistic Therapy can do for, we offer a FREE consultation.

Multiple treatments and combinations of holistic therapies, will help you achieve longer lasting results.

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Holis Wellness Center Costa Rica: Promoting Wellness in Manuel Antonio’s Community Since 1993.

“Holis,” the latin root of the word “whole,” defines our philosophy of giving attention and bringing awareness to your whole being. From pure relaxation to a profound therapeutic experience, we personalize each treatment and class into an experience that is both unique and restorative.

In order to maintain our standard of excellence we provide:

  • Highly trained and skilled therapists and instructors
  • All natural food grade products sourced locally
  • Top of the line raw coconut oil and DoTerra therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Highest standard of ethics and professionalism
  • Quality professional products and equipment

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I entered the spa like a lost child. I’m not the type of guy to get massages, but I needed help desperately. I felt very comfortable thanks to everyone involved at Holis and Julieta is more a magician than a masseuse. It was the most relaxing hour I’ve had in years.
Matthew G
I have been taking Yoga and Pilates classes at Spa Holis since 2010. I love the new location, a beautiful space with an ocean view! Spa Holis has an amazing array of weekly classes and workshops, I have recently started taking aerial yoga.
The new wellness centre is bright and beautiful and so so welcoming. There is no pretense.. just pure acceptance of everyone that walks in there and has the pleasure of interacting with any of the spa’s amazing teachers. And they are all teachers of mind, body and soul.
Penny Light