Massage Therapy

Receiving a massage is luxurious and relaxing, however the benefits extend far beyond the surface.

Bodywork strengthens the immune system, calms the nervous system, flushes toxins from the muscles reducing pain and tension and improves the range of motion in the joints.

It also oxygenates tissues and internal organs, produces a toning effect on your skin, and releases natural endorphins from your brain that increases joy, peace, and relaxation.

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Total Body Awareness is an advanced form of massage therapy that combines Deep Tissue Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Thai Massage, and Acupressure. Your session will begin with a holistic assessment where we collect vital information about the mechanical, emotional and physiological aspects of your health. The information obtained will be used to create a customized therapeutic session.The goal is to create a more acute awareness of your being and increase freedom of movement in body and mind. The more we understand our body and the mechanisms that cause injury, the more committed we become to healing. With this concept, we have created an advanced form of massage therapy.
90-Minute $130.00 | 2-Hour $175.00


Our highly trained therapists create a specialized session to meet your individual needs. We combine techniques including Sweedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and more. Holisynergie is a unforgettable  experience for your whole being.
45-Minute $70.00 | 60-Minute $85.00 ($150 Couple) | 90-Minute $110.00 ($200 Couple)


This incredibly relaxing Swedish Massage uses light to medium pressure incorporating long, soothing, and fluid strokes to stimulate blood flow, oxygenation, and circulation to the tissues.
60-Minute $75.00 | 90-Minute $100.00


The ultimate anti-stress therapy. Two therapists will work in unison to stimulate and reset the nervous system to harmonize the rhythm of your body allowing  a deeper state of relaxation.
50-Minute $140.00

TRADITIONAL THAIAsokananda Tradition

This ancient massage practice from Thailand uses acupressure points and passive stretching to give your body profound relaxation, increased flexibility and energy. Please wear comfortable clothing.
90-Minute $115.00

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