Holistic Practitioner | Master Bodywork | Pilates Instructor

Evelina is a second generation bodyworker and has been devoted to holistic therapy since childhood. Following in the footsteps of her father, Evelina has studied a wide range of therapies in her native Italy, as well as in the US and Costa Rica. With over 20 years of passionate study, research and professional dedication, Evelina’s therapeutic approach relies mostly on noninvasive Osteopathy Techniques such as Cranio Sacral Therapy and T.R.O.A. To define and deepen the reach of her therapeutic approach, Evelina relays D.E.I. (a Spanish acronym for Integral Energetic Diagnosis). In 2012 Evelina’s world expanded once again when she learned about the five biological laws of NGM. Through this scientific approach to biology, Evelina was able to find a solid ground for her practice.

Evelina is also the founder of Essenthya Skin Care Food, a holistic skin care system aiming to educate about simple and effective ways to care for the skin. In 2007, Evelina decided to become a certified Pilates instructor mainly inspired by the fact that the Pilates method helped her to recover completely from a herniated disk in her neck. Since then, she has observed time and time again just how helpful practicing Pilates is to relieve pain as well as to enhance healthy bodies’ performance and posture. She is renowned in Manuel Antonio as a Holistic Healer.

Meet Our Team



Massage & Spa Therapist

Dilana has been working in Holis Wellness Center for 15 years, a record in a small beach town! Her practice is a combination of her deep spirituality, great energy and strength. After a few years as a Spa Therapist she went back to school to deepen her knowledge about body mechanics and massage techniques. Dilana has studied and practiced bodywork for many years now and her expertise integrates Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage and Aromatouch Technique (a clinical approach to essential oils developed by DoTerra). She is also an expert in different skin care and spa treatments, especially organic facials and body treatments. Her skills as a Manicure/Pedicure technician are highly appreciated from both locals and tourists, especially hundreds of brides that thank her dearly before their wedding day.



Massage & Spa Therapist

Ambar started practicing and studying massage at age 15. Her devotion to body work lead her to deepen her knowledge and she has been studying ever since. In 2010 she started her career as Physical Therapist at St Paula University and she expects to continue her studies in bodywork and physical therapy throughout her whole life. She is a very experienced therapist, with a special intuition about muscles and joint restriction. Her session is a combination of Deep Tissue Massage (her favorite) Swedish Massage, Aromatouch Technique, and Stretching Techniques applied to Therapeutic Massage. Ambar is also an expert in different skin care and spa treatments, as well as Manicure/Pedicure technician.



Massage & Spa Therapist | Belly Dance & Zumba Instructor

Julieta has been practicing Therapeutic Massage for six years and people often say she has magical hands! She is currently studying Physical Therapy at St Paula University, and also recently became a certified Zumba dance instructor. Julieta loves the athletic aspect of teaching and giving therapy. One of the reasons she really enjoys teaching Zumba is that it helps people to de-stress and helps them to feel happy. Likewise, the goal of her massage sessions is to help people feel better while creating an energetic connection with the client.



Massage & Spa Therapist

Karla graduated from International Aesthetic Institute in 2009. She soon discovered her interest for the amazing world of bodywork and started studying different massage techniques. Karla’s intention with her work is to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle, while enjoying the direct relationship with her clients through the profound connection that is created in each session.



Ballet & Contemporary Dance Professor

Costa Rican, Master in Dance with an emphasis on Teaching. Carolina began her studies in Dance and Ballet at the National University of Costa Rica, and was later hired by the same University Company as Professional Dancer. Throughout her career she has dabbled in choreography, and was chosen in the 2010 Choreographers Festival of Costa Rica with her solo “Quimera”. She has worked in different programs teaching Dance and Ballet for children, youth, and adults. Teacher and choreographer of the group UNEDanza at the State Distance University of Costa Rica, she also complement her dance carrer by adopting music as a second one. Carolina is cello artist and professor of music for dancers and adolecents. Her lessons are a excellent experience for all levels and ages.