“Amazing Experience”

My recent trip to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica was nothing short of an amazing experience.
I booked a yoga and surf retreat package through Holis Wellness Center and Spa. The staff at Holis offered first class concierge services for all my travel plans. Furthermore, they went above and beyond my expectations with offering recommendations, resources and help throughout my stay. A special thanks to Tatiana and Evelina!
The yoga was vast in variety and every instructor was superb. The views from the studio were heavenly. After four days of body healing yoga, and safe yet exhilarating surf instruction, I ended my visit with a 90min “total body awareness” massage… Just blissful!
A totally rejuvenating and recharging trip. I highly recommend a visit with Holis. I rate it a 10/10 in my books.
Zahara, Toronto, Canada

“My D.E.I Session”

When I was first recommended to see Evelina my friend said that she’s known as the “white witch” because she has magical powers to do good. That’s about all of the info I had to go on. I’m a firm believer in timing and that there are no coincidences so I decided to make an appointment.
Throughout the first session I felt incredibly comfortable and relaxed. Evelina is such a nice person and she really makes you feel at home. When the session was over I felt like I was walking around in a dream. I felt so incredibly at peace with myself, that’s the best way I can explain it.
I have had about 5 sessions with Evelina. Every time I see her, she seems to know exactly what to say and exactly how to break things down so they make sense.
Just a few of the amazing things I have gained immediately after my sessions with Evelina:
– My girlfriend, who is the most amazing person I have ever met.
– My new job, making more money than I ever have and feeling completely comfortable and confident with it.
– Myself, who I now know at the deepest level I ever have.
I send everyone to Evelina because I’m 100% confident that no matter what’s happening in their lives, Evelina will help them level-up emotionally, personally, financially, etc.
Even if you don’t know why you’re going, go and find out. The answer will be clear by the end of the session.
Jeffrey F.

“Amazing for Yoga, Pilates…and Treatments”

I have been taking Yoga and Pilates classes at Spa Holis since 2010. I love the new location, a beautiful space with an ocean view! Spa Holis has an amazing array of weekly classes and workshops, I have recently started taking aerial yoga.
Evelina, the founder, is a wonderful person with great energy that even being near makes you feel better about yourself! She is amazing intuitive, during Pilates classes she tailors exercises to improve your posture and work on injuries. She always has great suggestions and is never too busy to help. Infact, all the therapists and instructors are fantastic.
The reason I am finally writing this review after going to Spa Holis weekly for 10 years is that I had a facial today, and it was amazing! All the products used are 100% organic and freshly prepared, there were 6 different stages, each including different products, clay, tamarindo, seaweed, an essential oil mix for your skin type, apple vinegar, camomile, aloe vera to name a few. Whilst the treatments were on I was given first a heavenly hand and arm massage, then a lower leg and foot massage and finally a face, head and neck massage. It really was the most amazing experience, and totally exceeded any of my expectations!
Katharine Evans

“Pure bliss”

I used Spa Holis as an addition to a retreat I was running – Evelina provided my guests with DEI treatments and the response was incredible – all of which are still raving about their experience. I too had a treatment from Evelina and I can say in my own words that she has a special gift, an ability to to see and feel and energize the soul. The new wellness centre is bright and beautiful and so so welcoming, there is no pretence just pure acceptance of everyone that walks in there and has the pleasure of interacting with any of the spa’s amazing teachers. And they are all teachers of mind, body and soul.
I highly recommend Spa Holis to anyone!
Penny Light

“Awesome Relaxing Day”

Visited the Holis Wellness Spa for Mother’s Day for a Facial and Pedicure. They took me right in and started working on the facial which was amazing. It was so relaxing and felt so good. Relaxing music played in the background. They massaged the muscles in the back of my neck and my arms which made me completely relax.
The pedicure was also very relaxing, they massaged my feet and the muscles in my legs. I felt completely relaxed and invigorated when my visit was complete. Definitely worth the experience.
Deb L.


My recent experience at Holis while on vacation in Costa Rica was wonderful! I am coming back from a serious injury and everyone seemed so receptive to my needs… I had the Muddy Buddy body treatment and a Essenthya Facial– my therapist did an amazing job with both. You can tell how fresh and natural the products are, and everything is done with respect to the client, environment, and of course, the practice of massage and aesthetics! I usually want to shower after receiving body treatments but I wanted to leave this natural goodness on my skin as long as possible, and my face was still glowing 24 hours later. I also did a restorative yoga class (my first yoga class in 2.5months) with Amelia and it was was truly restorative. Our concierge at Espadilla Ocean Club booked all the treatments for myself and my friend, and everything went very smoothly. Evelina had a great recommendation for a refreshing snack in between yoga & treatments… you can make a full day out of everything that Holis has to offer. All in all, great people, great place, great experience!
Betsy W.


I practiced yoga 3 days during my week long stay in Costa Rica with Kikki, Amelia, and Vanessa. They are all very nice! I would go back to the center for more classes the next time I was in town.
Natasha C.

“Julieta Brought My Back, Back To Life”

Costa Rica is a very special place and a land one must experience whether for a day or for their remainder. I’m not sure where you reside and no matter where, you have much to learn from the Ticos and their land. Costa Rica is amazing because the Costa Ricans are amazing people. Sure, the wildlife and natural environment creates some of the most awe inspiring sensations one will experience, but if you visit this country with the sole intent of gazing at birds, staring at monkeys or only have an Eco-Tourism agenda in mind, you’ll be selling yourself short if you miss out on what makes this country truly spectacular. Take a deep breathe, wake up early and stay up late, all the while taking notes on Pura Vida from the locals and return renewed. Okay, enough about the country, natural environment and people, but it must be said for those still undecided or only on the verge of visiting. Now for Manuel Antonio and the Holis Wellness Center specifically.
I’ve been to many parts of Costa Rica and there are many versions of Costa Rica in Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio is right up there with La Fortuna in my book. I’m not generally the massage type (though you might read my writing above and think I bathe in bath salts, listen to Enigma in my sleep, breathe incense daily and perhaps have lost my Man Card, but not so my good lad). I threw out my back years ago as an Electrical Foreman and re-injured it carrying my bags up some stairs in an unfortunate incident that sidelined my surfing and horseback riding plans. When my back goes back to being bad, it gets real bad and I needed help real bad so I called in the cavalry at Holis. Did it work? You bet your bollocks to a bone dance it worked and all thanks to Jullieta.
I entered the spa like a lost child. I’m not the type of guy to get massages, but I needed help desperately. I felt very comfortable thanks to everyone involved at Holis and Julieta is more a magician than a masseuse. To top it off, they were nice enough to pick me up from my hotel at no charge. She did an absolutely amazing job and almost got me surf-ready for my next stop in Costa Rica. It was the most relaxing hour I’ve had in years.
I was convinced that massage was the way to remedy the injury and tried a place in south Jaco after my experience at Holis, but learned quickly that it wasn’t the massage, it was the masseuse. I can highly recommend this facility and Jullieta specifically to anyone looking for a relaxing massage or in need of a magician to heal their back.
Thank You! I hope I never need back therapy again, but if I do, I hope it’s at your facility. I’ll definitely stop by and say hello on my next trip in July. You guys rock!
Matthew G.