Kundalini Master Class with Fernando Bolaños

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February 16 @ 7PM | February 17 @ 10AM | February 18 @ 10AM

Brief explanation of the principles of kundalini such as resistance and corporal perception. Presence. Introduction to the opening mantras of kundalini yoga, to connect with the specific frequency of kundalini yoga.

Twenty minutes of warm-up (classical structure of kundalini yoga). It mainly focuses on awakening the elasticity of the spine.
A kriya (sequence of asanas) follows , with emphasis on the lower chakras and abdominal work. When this area opens, the Kundalini energy is awoken and the first chakra opens. All that energy is then upraised through other asanas to open the heart chakra first, and then the three upper chakras. At the end of the class, students can experience a portal of mental silence, in which the essence of what we are made of can be seen.

Long and deep relaxation (were the benefits of practice are mostly present)

Closing. Singing of Sat Nam


Kundalini Yoga is a technique that awakens your creative energy and capacity of interaction, evidently improving health, blood circulation, organs support, mood swings, and attention span. There is a strong emphasis on the central nervous system in Kundalini since there is where we create our own perception of reality.

Kundalini increases the connection between cerebral hemispheres, intuition strength and determination, it cleanses and balances your whole system, it also works on a mental leve by improving the energetic circulation and by awakening your Kundalini energy; consequently your negative nature quiet down.This gives you tranquility and stability.


Costa Rican. Fernando lived in Barcelona for 5 years between 2004 and 2009. During this period he studied Kundalini Yoga with different teachers. In France he extended his studies with Karta Singh Kalsa, one of the direct disciples of Yogi Bhajan (Master who brought the kundalini to the West). He started teaching classes in 2008. Between 2009 and 2011 he was traveling in Europe and California teaching Kundalini yoga classes. In mid-2011 he settled in Costa Rica where he has continued teaching for the last six years.