CranioSacral Therapy with Rodolfo Pinto Lizano

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Join us for a CranioSacral Therapy session ($75 per session) with Rodolfo Pinto Lizano at Holis Wellness Center in Manuel Antonio! Contact us directly to schedule your appointment on December 12, 13 or 14!

Craniosacral therapy – what is it? And how can it help?

Writer Juliet Davey interviews Craniosacral therapist Rodolfo Pinto Lizano about this form of holistic bodywork and his journey with it.

What is Craniosacral therapy?

It is a physical therapy that promotes an emotional and physical release in the body. Trauma is recorded in the body’s connective tissue. This connective tissue is all pervading, found in all areas of our bodies. The trauma, we store, manifests in many ways, one of which being a restriction of movement affecting the shape of the cells and their function. The objective of the therapy is to release these restrictions, that otherwise cannot be released, optimising the central nervous system.

Craniosacral therapists use gentle manipulations of the membranes that line the skull and the vertebral canal. They focus on perceiving the craniosacral rhythm – a subtle pulsation formed as cerebro spinal fluid is produced and re-absorbed. The therapist is guided by what they perceive and responses in the body. Staying neutral and not imposing our ideas and opinions is an important part of the work we do.

How did you get into it?

Circumstances and happy coincidence. I went to medical school after high school. Whilst there, I felt a calling to go and live in an ashram in India. After several years, I married and came back to Costa Rica. Returning to medical school was no longer a viable option.

I was already attracted to holistic therapies that can naturally heal us such as acupuncture and homeopathy. Randomly there happened to be a course starting in Craniosacral therapy. From the start, I was amazed at how the body can communicate and send messages.

How can people benefit from a treatment?

We live in a world with so much distraction that we find it hard to live in the present. Our own history too inhibits our ability to live in the present. Looking to heal ourselves is part of valuing the life that we have.

Through Craniosacral therapy we can find physical relief, emotional relief and the deepest kind of relaxation.

How many treatments does someone need to have to feel the benefits?

People often report to feeling positive effects after only one session. However it depends on what their motivation is for coming to me for treatment. Generally we benefit the most from continuous inner work.