Craniosacral Therapy • Testimonial

Craniosacral Therapy • Testimonial

Evelina Bolognini knows your body better than you do. She might disagree with me here, but it definitely feels like magic to have a craniosacral therapy session with her.

She will be the first to tell you she’s no sorceress. She does not engage in witchcraft or claim any paranormal talents. But when you leave an appointment with her you’ll wonder, at least for a fleeting moment: “Did she actually just read my mind? Has she called my mom and googled my life history?”

This is all a testament to Evelina’s talent and skill level. She is so in-tune with the mechanisms of the human body that she can pinpoint areas where you have tension, relieve and release it with a feather-light touch, and then recommend life changes that have absolutely nothing to do with massage (but somehow make total sense).

I had two appointments with her. The first was a D.E.I. Kinesiology diagnosis session, followed up a week later by a craniosacral therapy massage. I was surprised to find out that the craniosacral treatment involved no actual “massage”, but is rather a light, sensitive series of precise touches and adjustments that make your whole self feel better. The goal is to release pent-up fluid around your cranium, and to encourage centered movement from your head all the way down your spine. It’s so gentle that it can even be performed on a baby.

I was skeptical, of course. But after both appointments I began sleeping better almost immediately. My posture improved, my muscles relaxed, and my movements became more fluid.

At the end of the first session she asked me, “How is your nest?” This caught me off guard because my “nest” is in fact more basic and less comfortable these days than it’s been in years. Before moving to Costa Rica, I was a collector, interior designer and antique dealer. I loved making my home beautiful and functional. Here, I use what I have and make it work. There’s no AC, the living room has a bed for a sofa, things get gross very easily, and I never walk around barefoot. Part of this is the beauty of selling all your crap and moving to paradise. But part of it can be really uncomfortable, causing stress and tension to build over time. This is especially true for someone like me who finds joy in creating happy spaces.

She encouraged me to organize and make small changes, and I did my homework. After rearranging a little and putting some effort into making my home more comfortable, I found my stress levels gradually decreasing. Somehow Evelina dug that out of me, using only touch and careful examination of my physical tension. It seems so simple, yet it made a huge difference.

At the end of it all I got choked up because I felt so much better. I felt understood, cared-for, and “seen”. I felt the way you’re supposed to feel after a really good talk-therapy session, minus all the talking.

Magic or not, I’m a believer.

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