Introducing Holly Johnson, Master Aerial Instructor

Holly Johnson, an international master aerial yoga instructor and author, blossoms from an extensive background of research, study, and direct experience of therapeutic avenues to balance and mend the relationships between the mind, body, and Spirit. Presently rooted in the state of Illinois serving the growth and expansion of the aerial yoga industry in the Chicagoland area, she frequently travels to new studios in other states and countries to support the global movement of the gifts of aerial yoga.
She is certified as a nutritional therapist, personal trainer, equine massage therapist, aromatherapist, Reiki master, Thai bodyworker, and 200 hour yoga instructor. Her extensive comprehension of optimal alignment, spiritual understanding, and energetic sensitivity lends to her authentic presence as a heartfelt, humbled leader in the aerial yoga industry.
Holly is committed to her path as an educator, healer, and facilitator of empowering experiences. Her vision for possibility and passion for a life of purpose placed her on the pursuit of a niche for the dynamic and abundant benefits offered through of aerial yoga. Aviana appeared in Holly’s life at just the right timing while traveling through Ecuador, to serve as the vessel for Holly’s pursuit.
Aviana was an undiscovered galactic goddess requesting to come into being in order to serve as a portal for the people to connect with the radiance of the Divine Feminine energy discovered through an aerial yoga practice. She lends her presence to connect with a true understanding of rhythm, balance, harmony, grace, and sensitivity to the frequencies of the Earth’s energy. It is through Aviana that aerial yoga opens a whole new level of dynamic understanding.




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