Workshop on Sound Healing

Learn how to play singing bowls and enrich your experience with yoga & meditation techniques during a weekend of incredible workshops! Join us for the entire weekend, or participate in one of the evening events alone.

$150 early bird special for all events listed below.

($180 after March 05, 2017)

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Friday, March 10 – 6:30pm

Himalayan Singing Bowls Sound Bath with Yoga & Meditation ($20 for this event only)

Introduction into the benefits of sound healing, and using it in yoga and meditation practice. For those attending the whole weekend, it will serve as an introduction into what is coming. For those attending this event only, it will be a beautiful session that incorporates elements of sound healing, therapy with yoga, and mindful meditation, that will leave attendees completely relaxed, reconnected and peaceful.

Saturday, March 11 – 10:00am – 5:00pm

During this two day South Healing Workshop we will dive into the history and philosophy behind the singing bowls, and theory of how the harmonious sounds affect our body, mind and spirit. The teachers will introduce various styles of sound healing and therapy, and how it complements other healing practices, yoga and meditation.

The attendants will learn various practical tips on how to play the bowls, and get to practice in one-on-one and group setting. Authentic handmade bowls will be available for sale, and your teachers will assist you in choosing the right bowl or set of bowls for you.

Specially beneficial for yoga and meditation instructors, as well as any type of holistic health practitioners and therapists.

Saturday, March 11 – 6:30pm

Cacao Ceremony ($35 for this event only)

Immerse yourself into the beautiful Costa Rican culture, and participate in one of the most popular and beautiful traditions of celebrating the natural benefits of this healing plant! Cacao ceremonies have been performed by centuries in order to connect closer to nature, celebrate growth and add a tad of sweetness to one’s life. Accompanied by harmonious sounds of the bowls.

Sunday, March 12 – 10:00am – 5:00pm

Sound Healing Workshop Part 2




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